Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eclectic Butterfly... Duh!

I didn't fall off the edge of the grid, I swear! Life has just been kicking my tail from every direction lately, so.. sorry I've been slacking on the blog front! To make up for it, I have quite a bit to show you today.. so let's just dive right in, shall we?

First up is the new group gifts from Aqua. The group has reached 5K, so, you know.. yay!! And gifties, if you're not in the group, you better get in it!

Next, LadyCatherine Fairey, owner of Butterfly EffectZ, was kind enough to drop her newest creation on me the other day, in three colors.  And I gotta say, I love love love the pants.  High waisted pants look so classy and elegant... at least they do to me. 

And finally, this is just something I threw together from various sources because I found the top and jewelry and loved them.. and orange isn't usually a color I go for, how weird is that?  But, in any case, loved the top, loved the jewelry, had to find something to go with them.   So, this is what I came up with.

So, there ya go.. details and honorable mentions to follow.   And I'm really gonna try to not be so absent from blogging in the future.  Thanks to all of you who've asked where I've been, and have asked for further posts.  I'm working on it *wink*

What I'm Wearing:
1st pic:
Skin:  Allyson - Belleza
Hair:  Yuki Hair White - WAKA&Yuki (lucky boar)
Dress and Shoes:  EnrapturedbyDee-white - Aqua (5K group gift)
Skin:  Ewan - Belleza
Hair:  Aces - Deviant Kitties
Tux and Shoes:  Tuxedo-white - Aqua (5K group gift)

2nd pic:
Skin:  Allyson - Belleza
Hair:  Haru - Hal*Hina (group gift, 12 colors)
Clothes:  Sophie-red/black, silver/black, orange - **Butterfly EffectZ**
Shoes:  Gifted in black - Heart & Sole

3rd pic:
Skin:  Allyson - Belleza
Hair:  Haru - Hal*Hina (group gift, 12 colors)
Tank:  Keyhole Back Tank-Orange - ::Duh!::
Sweater:  Cable Knit Cropped Vest-Chocolate - []::Tuli::[] (I think this was discontinued when she reopened.. sorry)
Skirt:  Bronx Skirt - E!
Shoes:  Rosette - G. Field (group gift)
Jewelry:  Orange Agate Dangles and Pendant - ::Duh!::


Sunday, March 7, 2010

~I've got a Crush on you~

First, I just wanna say sorry I've not blogged lately... new computer, new programs (mainly Gimp), of which I'm fairly well failing to learn at this point, but I'm not giving up! So, if anyone out there has any tips or suggestions, send them my way. Seriously. OK, on to the good stuff....

I found a new store this weekend, thanks to Renee on the FabFree blog.  The store is called Crush Factory, and is excellent!  Especially if you're on a budget and want to look super cute for the spring and summer!  I don't know if its just for right now, or always, but everything in the store is only 10L!!  Shoes, hair, clothes, accessories, even some furniture and other toys to play with, like sand buckets and slumber party items.  I've got pics to show you of just a few of the outfits, keep in mind, there are LOTS of colors to choose from!  So.. here we go!

Cute, right?  Go check 'em out, its worth the trip, I promise!!

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  IFElight-Vamp(D brows) - Lelutka (group gift)
Hair:  Delilah and Monday - Analog Dog
Clothes, Shoes and Accessories:  Crush Factory
1.  PolkaDot Dress
     Sweet Shackles - White
2.  Houndstooth Babydoll - Red
3.  Knotted Tee - Homewrecker
     Crk293 Jean Skirt - Dark Wash
4.  Knotted Tee - Voted Most Likely to Steal Your Boyfriend
     Crk293 - Classic Wash
5.  Lace Houndstooth Top and Skirt - Pink
     Sweet Shackles - Pink
     Bow Wedges - Pink
     4 Diamond Barbells - piercing
6.  Lace Ribbed Tank - White & Black Lace
     Terry-cloth Skirt - Black
     Sweet Shackles - White
     Bow Wedges - White
     Black Pearl Skull Neclace
7.  Tie Back Tee - Blue
     Widetab Plaid Shorts - Blue
      Sweet Shackles - Blue
      Bow Wedges - Blue