Wednesday, December 29, 2010

52: Green

I've gotta say, I'm not a fan of green.  However, this was a relatively easy color to shop for and shoot.  So no complaints about that really.  Anyway.. here ya go.. my contribution to Green Week.  Enjoy!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Cheesecake in Rapture - Heartsick
Hair:  Chisato in Onyx - D!va
Jacket:  Sheena in Army - Emery
Tank:  Intrinsic tank in Celery - JANE
Pants:  Fantasia, Zebra 2 - Imani (couldn't get a slurl for this one, sim was offline)
Boots: Jully Boots in Forest - Decoy

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

52: Cerise

I have to admit I didn't know what color Cerise was.. so I'm glad there was a color swatch to go by.  Turns out, its pink.  Pink is easy.  Pink is fun.  Pink is so easy, it was hard.  Way too many options to choose from.  Anywhoo.. this is what I came up with.... Enjoy!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Pink Glitter Skin - TeaLane with Ayumi Cleavage Enhancer
Brows:  Tintable Brow Black - Nomine
Hair:  Keeley - Truth
Dress:  Petals Pink - Naive
Necklace:  Costumed Pearls Crush (white bow) - HoD
Earrings:  Innocence - Burroughs
Shoes:  Pump in Magenta - Maitreya (group gift from eons ago)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

52: Yellow

This was a hard color this week... I'm not a fan of yellow. But, thanks to a very good friend, LadyCatherine Fairey, owner of Butterfly Effectz, I managed to pull off a yellow post! Yay!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Oestra in Reverie - Heartsick
Hair:  Monday in Cherry - Analog Dog
Top:  Lemon Drop - Butterfly Effectz
Jeans:  Kensie - Butterfly Effectz
Shoes:  Ballet Flats in Rose, Yellow - chuculet
Jewelry:  Daisy Earrings and Necklace - ICED
Flower:  Hair Daisy in White/Orange - Purangi Designs
Poses:  Ks2Cool

Sunday, December 5, 2010

52: Sepia

The color for Luna's 52 Color Challenge this week is sepia.  This color was the easiest by far!  I love the browns, tans, creams, and all the variations at this time of year!!

Skin:  Allure Glow Flush - Cupcakes
Hair:  Mia in Cinnamon - Analog Dog
Belt:  Crazy Little Belt in Brown - SN@TCH
Outfit:  Adalyn Sweater and Jeans - Sweeter Than Candy
Boots:  Eska Boots in Brown - Sweeter Than Candy


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Goodies at e!

Sometimes Chrismas comes early.. and it did for me!  Eclectic Wingtips, owner of e!, just dropped a bunch of goodies in my inventory and I had to share!!

First, is this cute little sexy dress.. in loooots of colors!!, wait... there's more colors!! 
And then she's released these super cute, flirty skirts!  Again, in tons of colors!!

You don't want to miss these super cute goodies, so run get yours... nao!!!! 

The Stuff:
Skin:  Winter's Kiss in Rapture - Heartsick
Dress:  Winifred Dress - e!
Skirt:  Librarian Skirt - e!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

52 Plum

So plum was a little easier... the hardest thing about these colors are that everyone has their own interpretation of what it really is, lol.  I've seen pastels and dark purples with the name of take it for what it is I guess!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Gina 01 (from TDR) - Tuli
Hair:  Gabby in Jupiter - Truth
Top:  Lulu in Concord - JANE
Leggings:  Hearts Stamp Solid - Butterfly Effectz
Shoes:  Kelligan Clog in Berry (but recolored) - Sweeter Than Candy