Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flutter by, Butterfly

I know, I know.. I promised I'd be better about blogging. I'm sorry, you can kill me later!! Life, real, and second, have been sooo very busy and caught up in a whirlwind.. anyway.. here we go!

First off I have to send a hundreds of thank you smooches to LadyCatherine Fairey, owner of **Butterfly EffectZ** She has passed me outfit after outfit..and shoes, and pics of things to come. So, thank you, you bunches. This first pic is her newest release, Attraction, and her new boots, Lima... love love love the boots! (I may have a small fetish with boots actually.. shhh)

Next is a very recent release, Revelos.  This was actually her 60L item this past weekend.. I know, its too late for that, but.. its such a sexy little dress its worth it anyway!!  There are 4 colors to choose from..oooh, I just tp'd to the store, and she still has this up for 60L.. so hurry!!! 

These next couple of goodies can be found on the roof in a tent.  Yes, you read that right.  There's a sale going on in the sim, and several stores are placing discounted items on the rooftop!  Crazy savings, and crazy fun!! Hop on over and check it out!! 

Another venture LadyCat is undertaking is shoes.  She's just released these flats (shown in gold) and they are kyoot!!!  And I gotta say, I'm not a flats wearing type of girl.. but these are adorable!  There are six colors to choose from, so come take a peek.

OK, last pic, I think.  Today is Pink Shirt Day in honor of stamping out bullying all over the place.  Everyone knows what its like to be bullied.  Lots of times people just think of bullies being in schoolyards, but they're everywhere.  They can be at work, in school, and just generally anywhere.  LadyCat, in support of this great cause, has created this Super cute pink shirt, and its free!  So, you know what to do.. come get it and show your support.. show those bullies we're done being bullied!!!

K, that's it for me.. have fun and play pretty with each other.. see you soon! mwah!! 

All the other stuff:
Skin:  Elle - Belleza (new release, group gift in notices 250L to join.. so worth it!)
Hair:  Voshie, Baby, Whimsy - Analog Dog
Clothes:  **Butterfly EffectZ** (duh)
Shoes:  again.. **Butterfly EffectZ**