Sunday, September 18, 2011

52: Brick Red

So this week was easy..   I walked in the room, and saw my friend River... and she was already dressed perfectly for this color!  Its great to have photogenic friends.. hehe.  She agreed to let me shoot some pics of her.. yay!  And double yay... this means I'm not late!! (cause I had no idea for brick red)

Thanks so much River!!!! 

The Stuff:
Skin:  Yum 2 Dark Bean Frex Pure 4 - Curio
Hair:  Kylie, Espresso - Truth
Outfit:  Rawr in burgundy - Twisted and Spoiled
Necklace:  Flying Hanumaan - Chop Zuey
Earrings:  Overact - Creatives
Collar:  Master & Slave Toy Store
Poses:  No Strings Attached

52: Bronze

Well, I'm not too terribly late for this post.  And yes, I know it says copper, but it looks bronze to me.  Its all relative after all.  Plus, I figured its been a looong time since I've done any lingerie... if I've done any at all in this challenge.  I don't recall any, actually.. hmm..  Will have to go back in look, plus, as this challenge is winding down its great fun to go back and look anyway.

I couldn't resist showing the backside ;)

The Stuff:
Skin:  Dahlia, Bronze, Classic - Cupcakes
Makeup:  Fiametta, Bronze - Pixeldolls
Hair:  Ricci, Burgundy - Truth
Lingerie:  Midnight Affair, Copper Satin - Blacklace
Shoes:  Slinky Stilettos, Black - Maitreya (gift)
Poses:  Coquettish - Scarlia


Saturday, September 10, 2011

52: Firebrick

I'm not late, I'm not late, I'm not late!! Cause I haven't been to bed yet, and its not Saturday for me, until I do! So there, lol!!  I'm not sure this "firebrick" so much as just red, but as "red" is my favorite color.... it all counts for me!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Kate - Style by Kira
Hair:  Model Hair 14 - W&Y
Makeup:  Pout-Lips #3 - GP
Dress:  Business Core Essentials - Primadonna @ Designer's Showcase
Shoes:  Bonnie, red - Mary Jane Shoes