Friday, September 17, 2010

Cupcakes... get your Cupcakes!!

... before they're gone!!  You heard that right... Cupcakes is having a huge discontinuing sale on A LOT of their skins and clothes.  They're in the process of rebuilding and restructuring.. and restocking.  So that means the things that are left in the store will Not be sold again.  So you better hurry!!  Single skins are L$100, fatpacks are L$500, model kits and full perm skins are half off.. and clothes range from L$10 - L$25.  What are you waiting for??

I was lucky enough to receive a TON of stuff to show you.. so much so that I can't seem to snap and edit pics fast enough.  I'm not sure when the sale is over, but it will be soon, so I had to at least show you a few things.. there will be more to come as soon as I can get SL to cooperate with me (we all know how that is)

The first skin I have for you is Allure - Glow...
with so many make-up options, its crazy!! 

Skin tone ranges from dark to light.. very light.  This next skin is Crimson - Alabaster, with lots of makeups for it too.

This is just a teeny tiny sample of what Cupcakes has to offer for sale.  The best thing to do.. is just GO!!!

Skins:  Cupcakes
Hair:  Cameron in Caramel - Truth
Eyes:  Colordepth Eyes in Sapphire - Ibanez