Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Vibrations!

That's what I have to show you today.  =GooDVibeZ= is a men's store out there on the grid, owned by Klyde Bonetto.  Uh oh, boy's stuff!!  I know, right?  But that's okay because I have an absolutely wonderful helper that lets me use him for boy stuff.  (I really rather think he likes it when I use him, but that's our secret.)

So, here we go! First up we have the FlinT leather jacket in black, made entirely of prims.  And they all fit nicely, we didn't even have to adjust them!

Next, we have the Tweed Cargo Shorts in Grey.  These are really well textured with prim pockets and ties for those of you who crave details!  (The wifebeater is from Sn@tch, in case you're wondering)

And finally, the last piece I have to show you, the Blvd. Brown Outfit.  Again with the details, prim baggy jeans, excellently textured, and brown hoodie jacket.

I know, when we think of fashion blogging, we generally think of girls.  But seriously.. men have to wear clothes too!! (at least in most sims)  So, we need to see some more blogs picking up men's stuff and getting it out there to the masses.  Creators, there are plenty of bloggers out there more than willing to blog guy stuff.. all they need is a handy dandy helper, after all.  And let's face it girls, you'll have just as much fun dressing up your guy friends!  Trust me guys, your girls will thank you for volunteering to help!

What He's Wearing:
Skin:  Christian - Sunblush GOATIE - AtomicBambie
Hair:  Rockstar Hair - Sandy (tinted) - *Rock Candy*
Clothes:  =GooDVibeZ=
     Pic 2:  Swinger Hooker's Ass Wifebeater - Sn@tch
     Pic 2:  Magi Take Sandal in Black - Xstreet
     Pic 3:  SL Balance in Grey/Blue - Hoorenbeek
Poses:  Bro - No Strings Attached


Monday, May 3, 2010

omg.. Chua's distracting me!!!

(so you get a silly title)

Hey kidlets! just a quickie 'cause broken arms and busy schedules don't go well together! I've had tons and tons of stuffing piling up in my inventory, and slowly but surely I'm getting it opened and filed away... ok, who'm I kidding, its not getting filed away, but it IS getting opened!! And so, in the process of that, I found this outfit from Sn@tch. And for some reason, it just called to me to be blogged.. *shrugs* so here it is for ya!!

The outfit is a very cute brown pair of jeans with a pink Batik top, including strappy, straw wedge sandals that are color change, and wood bangles.  Pairing that with the Sofia wood and shell jewelry set from [chuculet] and the new group giftie hair from Amacci, and I'm set!  Off I go to find a pic location and found a very pretty sim called Garden of Greenburg.  You can't see it in this last pic, but there's a sea monster in the water, so be careful!! But there are also lots of hidden little coves and grottos to find some time with that special someone *wink wink*  I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow night!!

And there you have it, remarkable quick and easy for me this time.. sometimes these posts take hours and days to complete.. seriously.  Now get out there and grab these goodies!!  Til next time... play pretty, my lovelies!!

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  Elle - Belleza (group gift)
Hair:  Lil in Dark Copper - Amacci (group gift)
Clothes and Shoes:  Spring Giftie for the Vippies - Sn@tch (group gift, 250L)
Jewelry:  Sofia wood/shell - [chuculet]