Monday, November 28, 2011

Free is the Best Price!

And everything I'm wearing in this pic, fits the bill!  Love it when that happens!!  The creators in sl really amaze sometimes with their generosity.  All the items below are either hunt gifts or group gifts, and they are gorgeous!

This pic was taken at the Magic of Christmas, Winter Holiday Village.  Its an amazing sim that has just about everything for your winter/christmas/whatever you choose to call it needs.

p.s. if you look closely, you may find a Dingy TwinkleToes, an elf, in the background!

The Stuff:
Skin: Giulia, Malice - Al Vulo (Diamond is Mind Hunt gift)
Hair:  Ladonna, nutmeg - Analog Dog (store freebie)
Top:  Note Shirt Blue - Echo (Group Gift)
Pants:  Autumn Trousers - 22769 (Group Gift)
Shoes:  Rosette, brown - GField (past welcome gift)


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diamonds and Butterflies

OMG I know... its been a minute since I've posted.  Real life, man.. always rearing its head.  Occasionally in a good has been the case.

So, on one of my now less frequent evenings in SL, my good friend LadyCatherine Fairey, sent me two very beautiful preview items.  And I have to say, she never disappoints!  And she always gives me things in red cause she knows its my fav!  Gotta love that!!

Anyway, the dress - which is gorgeous and makes ya feel just a little princessy, in a modern way - is in the Diamond is Mine hunt, which starts tomorrow at midnight.  Her store, Butterfly Effects, is a sponsor for the hunt and her prize is #18.  So you need to run off and find it!  Oh!  Not to mention she's redone the sim, so be sure to explore.

The boots are a new release, and will be in the store on Friday.  They are available in 6 colors and have a very easy to use menu for resizing... and matched the dress perfectly!

The Stuff:

Skin: Jessica, Tan, Ocean Red - AMD
Dress:  Classy Red - BE (hunt gift)
Boots:  Strapped & Ready - BE
Hair:  Ricci, sangria - Truth
Jewelry:  Butterfly Necklace - Twisted and Spoiled


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

52: Moss Green

This one's not late!! YaY!!  As we all know by now, greens are hard for me.  Mostly because I don't care for the color, so am reluctant to buy things in those shades.  And as always, after I do, I end up really liking the look.  This one was no different.

The Stuff:
Skin:  Jessica Peachy, Lucky Red - AMD
Hair:  Martina, Quince - Truth
Top:  Carrie - KCode
Pants:  Rider Jeans, Black - Glad Rags (closed, try MP)
Boots:  Sassy High Heels Damask Black - Sakide (part of past hunt gift)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

52: Khaki

Late again!! Ack!! Ok, so, I think I'm just going to give up on trying to actually be on time on any regular basis.  Because my best intentions, and even though I may have the look all completely ready... inevitably something happens before I'm able to actually take pictures of it.  Such is life...

The Stuff:
Skin:  Jessica, Tan, Rainbow Nude - AMD
Hair:  Gabby Auburn - Truth
Dress:  Autumn Papillon - Sn@tch for  4.44.444
Shoes:  Kara Flower, taupe - Flax Pye
Makeup:  Eyeshadow, Fiametta, Sable - Pixeldolls


Sunday, September 18, 2011

52: Brick Red

So this week was easy..   I walked in the room, and saw my friend River... and she was already dressed perfectly for this color!  Its great to have photogenic friends.. hehe.  She agreed to let me shoot some pics of her.. yay!  And double yay... this means I'm not late!! (cause I had no idea for brick red)

Thanks so much River!!!! 

The Stuff:
Skin:  Yum 2 Dark Bean Frex Pure 4 - Curio
Hair:  Kylie, Espresso - Truth
Outfit:  Rawr in burgundy - Twisted and Spoiled
Necklace:  Flying Hanumaan - Chop Zuey
Earrings:  Overact - Creatives
Collar:  Master & Slave Toy Store
Poses:  No Strings Attached

52: Bronze

Well, I'm not too terribly late for this post.  And yes, I know it says copper, but it looks bronze to me.  Its all relative after all.  Plus, I figured its been a looong time since I've done any lingerie... if I've done any at all in this challenge.  I don't recall any, actually.. hmm..  Will have to go back in look, plus, as this challenge is winding down its great fun to go back and look anyway.

I couldn't resist showing the backside ;)

The Stuff:
Skin:  Dahlia, Bronze, Classic - Cupcakes
Makeup:  Fiametta, Bronze - Pixeldolls
Hair:  Ricci, Burgundy - Truth
Lingerie:  Midnight Affair, Copper Satin - Blacklace
Shoes:  Slinky Stilettos, Black - Maitreya (gift)
Poses:  Coquettish - Scarlia


Saturday, September 10, 2011

52: Firebrick

I'm not late, I'm not late, I'm not late!! Cause I haven't been to bed yet, and its not Saturday for me, until I do! So there, lol!!  I'm not sure this "firebrick" so much as just red, but as "red" is my favorite color.... it all counts for me!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Kate - Style by Kira
Hair:  Model Hair 14 - W&Y
Makeup:  Pout-Lips #3 - GP
Dress:  Business Core Essentials - Primadonna @ Designer's Showcase
Shoes:  Bonnie, red - Mary Jane Shoes


Monday, August 29, 2011

52: Liver

HAHA!!  I've done it!  Finallllllly gotten caught up!  Geez only took... oh.. forever!  But no more!  I'm going to try my hardest to STAY caught up til this fun little trip is over... sadly, in only a few short weeks... but we're not gonna be sad!  We're gonna look at piccies and shop!!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Illusory skin honey collabor88
Hair:  {YH]-00GG-*jan=BR3 -  [YunA'sHAIR]
Top:  Basic shirt white/sand - Berries Inc.
Skirt:  Marla skirt wet sand - Berries Inc.
Necklace:  Emily Necklace - Burroughs
Glasses:  Jewel - Black - FTW (Marketplace)
Shoes:  Pumps, black - Maitreya (group gift)


52: Chartreuse

Gaining ground on this being behind thing!! Yay!! Also, gotta send a special thanks to my friend Cate for modeling for me this week.  I have discovered that having fashionable friends who are willing to model makes this 52 color thing a LOT easier! LOL

The Stuff:
Skin:  Pout, Brat 2 in Sundust Frex - Curio
Hair:  Rebecca in Espresso - Truth
Makeup:  Bitten lipstain in Beachen Peachen - (AG)
Dress:  Crepe Blouse in Green Dotty - Gizza
Shoes:  Chic in Neige - N-Core


52: Jazzberry

Here we go again!  ... still way far behind, but I'm working on it!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Milla (With Love Hunt) - Lara Hurley
Hair:  Changes, Brown 04 - [e]
Top:  Rosies's Strapless Crop Denim Top - Marketplace
Skirt:  Justice Skirt, Pink - Sn@tch
Boots:  Jully Boots, Rasberry - Decoy


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

52: Apricot

Gotta say a special thanks to my friend Bij for modeling this outfit!!  Thanks baby... love you!! Ain't she cute?!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Kianna Apricot - Mynerva
Hair:  Jessica 02 - [69]
Top:  Simply Vintage Long Tank Top - Grixdale
Skirt:  Summertime Blush - Atomic
Shoes:  Lulu Stilettos in cream - Slink
Bracelet:  Stoned Bracelet - Shiny Things
Tattoo:  Sacred Pain - Aitui
Necklace: Simple Pearl Necklace - Curious Kitties


52: Melon

Not a lot to say.. just playing catch up... more so than usual.

The Stuff:

Skin:  Skin_Honey - Illusory - Collabor88 Exclusive
Hair:  Gabriel, caramel - Truth
Outfit and Shoes:  Vivian, Peach - Felicia's Fashions


Friday, August 5, 2011

52: Patriarch

Post 2 of catch up! yay!  I love this color of purple... makes me feel all rich and royal like... so I figured, a fairy queen would be perfect!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Solstice, Dream, Wisteria - Heartsick
Hair:  Zoe, Brown Caramel - Damselfly
Dress:  Autumn Fae Royal,  Amethyst - LVS & Co.
Necklace:  Gemstone Flower Necklace - GField (group gift)


52: Lemon

So far behind.. omg!  Life, in SL and in RL, has been so crazy hectic lately... lots of building, lots of sewing, lots of rehearsing... barely time for anything else!  But.. here's my lemon...and I'll post the others as quickly as I can and hopefully get caught up before long! 

The Stuff:
Skin:  Oestra - Heartsick
Hair:  Kitty, Sangria - Truth
Dress:  Polka Me, Yellow - Apple May Designs


Thursday, July 14, 2011

52: Celadon

This post isn't quite AS on time as I've been the past few weeks, but its not late either, so I'll take it!  Greens are never a favorite of mine... ever.  But this one wasn't so bad really.  And again I'll say.. the color never turns out to be as horrible as you initially anticipate it being! LOL  This outfit came together on accident really.  Originally I had this idea of a guy, in an open linen shirt, and khakis, walking down a beach... no idea why, just an image that somehow got stuck there.  Then I found these pants on Marketplace.. and they're close enough to khaki, so... the rest of it just fell into place.

The Stuff:

Skin: Spirit, Harmony - Heartsick
Shirt:  Off shoulder white shirt - Mr. Poet
Shorts:  Folden Short XDREZ Green - Marketplace
Shoes:  Sandal - Albufeira
Tank:  Intrinsic Tank, Celery - JANE
Makeup:  Feline Moss - Kyoot
Hair:  Kitty, Sangria - Truth


Sunday, July 3, 2011

52: Electric Blue

Whew!  I didn't think I was gonna make it on time this week!  See, I had this dress in mind... and, owing to my general unorganizedness, I couldn't find it in the depths of my inventory.  I searched all week.  Literally.  Tried on so many things.. omg.  But nope, couldn't find it.  And then I did.  And it wasn't the right color.  Grrrr!!!  So, I had to start over.  And when I think of Electric.. I think of glowy.. so.. here it is!  And its not late!  Yay me!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Allure Glow, Starlet - Cupcakes
Hair:  Carli, Seaspray - Truth
Top:  Catching Some Waves, Blue - Butterfly Effects (thanks LadyCat!!)
Pants:  Dance Pants Glow Complete Outfit, Blau - Marketplace (1L)
Background:  Fairylight Particles, Blue - Refined Wild
                      Fairy Grass, Blue - couldn't find a lm, sorry!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

52: Mauve

Two weeks in a row I'm on time!  This is crazy!  It does feel a little weird actually because I've not gotten the chance to see all the other amazing looks people are inspired to put together before I post mine.  But that's ok.  I've said this before.. its funny how things work out while these posts are being created.  I originally purchased this skirt for some other pink color, but then couldn't come up with a look I loved to go with it.. so I didn't use it and its been sitting in my massive, terribly unorganized inventory.  Glad I found it again!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Haiku, Stardust - Heartsick (Geekgasm Hunt)
Makeup:  Eyeshadow Pink - LpD (group gift)
Hair:  Orchid, Champagne (plain) - Truth
Jacket:  Ruffle Bolero, Pink - G Field
Top:  Lace Top "Lucy", Ivory - G Field
Skirt:  Rhapsody, Bloom - The Secret Store
Leggings:  Pink Wool Tights - The Secret Store
Shoes:  Plain Jane, Grapefruit - Cool Beans