Thursday, March 17, 2011

52: Umber

More hard colors!  I spent some time scouring the shops and marketplace and really didn't really come up with anything I was crazy about.  So, I decided to dive into the mess that is my inventory and see what I could come up with.  None of this is new stuff, except the skin, but I like the outcome.  Hope you do too!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Dalhia2 light - CheernoFemme (EUPHORIA hunt item)
Makeup:  Feline Autumn Forest - Kyoot Makeup @ Kozmetika
Hair:  La Femme hair/hat, natural blond - Maitreya (past gift)
Dress:  Sinaed Dress, brown - League
Jewelry:  Pearl Set Choco - YS&YS (past TDR)
Boots:  La Femme Boots - BAX (past gift)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

52: Ecru

Yay, I'm on time!!  I found this dress at the PURE JUICE event, which is really cool, with lots of designers, so you really need to go check it out.  The dress itself I think is more cream than ecru, and it has little pink flowers on it, but the vines from the flowers are more of an ecru color.. in my opinion anyway.. so all in all, I think it counts, lol.

The Stuff:
Skin:  Platinum, Rapture - Heartsick (past hunt gift)
Hair:  Makenzie, Coffee - Truth
Dress:  Sweet Vision Dress - Cool Beans at PURE JUICE event
Shoes:  Plain Jane Grapefruit - Cool Beans at PURE JUICE event


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

52: Electric Lime

Ok so I may actually be posting this one on time for a change.  Mostly cause I'm all sickly and I gave up trying to find what I was looking for, which was a cool cybery type sim to take pics on.  Fail.  And as I've stated before, green is not a fav of mine, so...I just snapped some pics on a posestand, made the backdrop glow, and now I'm wiped, lol.  So with no further ado, here's the pics, and now I'm taking my sniffles to bed.  Mwah!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Crimson, Alabaster, Replica - Cupcakes
Makeup:  Cosmetiqs 011 - Scarlia
Hair:  Butterfly Queen twisted - deadkitties
Top:  Strappy Top, green - Tasty
Outfit:  Shey Mistress - Fiend
Cuffs:  UV Color Change Cuffs - Burning Chrome (can't find a lm for this one)
Shoes:  Wrapped Heels, Lime - !!KKBB!!
Belt:  DigitizeGlitter Belt, green bow - store seems to have disappeared, sorry!