Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Bells??

*sings* "Going to the chapel, and we're gonna get......." nah...but we are doing Chalice Carling's blog challenge!  Her challenge was to create two wedding looks, one for a beach, and one appropriate for a church.  Easy enough you might think.. but here comes the challenge.  You can't go buy anything.  You have to create the looks from the items you have in your inventory currently.  If you happen to have a wedding dress, well, that's fine I suppose.  And I do have a wedding dress, a couple in fact.  But i didn't use them because, well that just wouldn't have been as much fun.  And this was a really fun challenge, because let's face, what girl doesn't like playing dress up in wedding gowns?

In the church pic, I tried to find an actual church, without going through a wedding venue... but that didn't work out so well.  So when I found Genevieve Cathedral, which is very similar to what I'd want for my own wedding, I figured I'd found the perfect spot.

The beach picture was a little easier, since I live on a beach and just had to go out and play in the yard to get this pic.  If you look closely, you can even see my dolphin, Steve, and Mike the shark may be lurking around too.

What I'm wearing:
Skin:  Belle (smokey rubies) - Belleza
Hair:  Whimsy - Analog Dog
Dress:  Debutante in white - [spork]
Tiara:  Queen of Hearts Tiara (white gold) - !Rebel Hope
Flowers:  Red Rose Bouquet - Brides & Blooms

Skin:  Alyson - Belleza (group gift that you can still get in store)
Hair:  Hello - Analog Dog
Dress:  Gypsy - **Trubble**
Hair Flowers:  Jasmine - =OTEANIMATE=
Flowers:  Cala Lily bouquet - Azul


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby...

I don't know if you've ever had the opportunity to go to a fashion show in SL or not, but I'd have to recommend it. I've been lucky enough to sit in the audience, and walk the catwalk a few times. Both can be a rewarding experience. So when LadyCatherine Fairey, the designer of Butterfly EffectZ, invited me along, I jumped at the chance. The show featured three designers, Inspirations by Inga, Cherrie's Designs, and of course, Butterfly EffectZ. The ambiance was set for love, obviously, being this close to VDay, the models were beautiful, and the designs were delicious.
These pictures are shots of the models I actually managed to take.  We all know what a lagfest SL can be at times, well, multiply that by a trillion and you have a fashion show!  

First, we have Hearts A Flutter in red (also available in pink) and super casual, Walk in the Park

Super sexy lingerie, On Fire.           Sexy, flirty Party Girl                
And the gorgeous, LaDonna


And because LadyCat is so awesome and generous, she gave me copies of the outfits I didn't manage to snap, so I could show all of you!
From feral and sensual with Animalistic, to stunning and elegant with Femme.

Two super short, super sassy styles... Anya and Loved.
And another casual, but super sexy look, Untamed.

So that's it!  All amazing styles in their own right... and should be in store soon, if they aren't already!  Which one was your fav??  Go grab it!  And seriously.. find a show to go to, if naught but for the experience.  Mwahs!!!

Everything Else:
Skin:  Alyson by Belleza
Hair:  all styles are from Analog Dog
Shoes:  Gifted in black - Heart and Sole

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Or.. let's just hear about something for the boys. Sitting around last night talking with friends, we came to the conclusion that there aren't enough boy bloggers. I'm not sure why that is, whether the products are less attainable, or the guys just don't care, lol. In any case, I said I'd gladly blog boys stuffs, if I had it to blog... or I'd at least take pics and blog the info if I had a wonderful male assistant to dress up. As it so happens, I do. So, AtomicSparkle Skytower, owner of AtomicBambi, shot over her newest release, a male skin and shape  line called Christian.

Realistically detailed, super handsome, and comes in 3 skin tones, we're showing you Sunblush, with hair base and without.  You have two options for  body hair, as well as freckle options.
There are 6 skins in each pack, featuring  8 different facial and body hair options  - and great value at 975L per pack!
As if that weren't enough, there's a sale! SPECIAL WEEKEND PRICE: The Christian SKIN 'Atomic Packs' have 80 skins in them, and for this weekend only, are marked down to 2999L (they go to the usual price of 3999L on Monday)  So guys, hurry up.. girls, drag 'em down there and make them over.. you don't wanna miss this!! Its time for a make-over!!

And I have to give a special thanks to my wonderful assistant! *winks*

What He's Wearing:
Skin and Shape:  Christian - AtomicBambi
Hair:  Broder in Black - The GL
Eyes:  Sawyer Green/Brown - Redgrave
Boxers:  Boxer Briefs in Black - ~simply~


Bad Romance

Even though that's an awesome song this unbelievable set of furniture, Eli Texture Change Living Room Set,  is anything but bad! I had the opportunity to meet the creator of Sweet Romance Furniture, LaDonna Upshaw, recently and after talking for a few minutes about building and such, she showed me this set in her store... then asked if I'd like to blog it. Well of course! I'd already fallen in love with it in the store, it has so many options and poses. The base of the sofa and chaise are texture change, as well as the pillows. In the set, you get two end tables, coffee table, rug, entertainment center (complete with doodads, but no tv), lamps, vases, and it just goes on.

One simply amazing feature this couch and chaise have, is the ability to rez objects for different poses. So that means no more hovering off of the furniture at funny angles because the pose doesn't fit quite right, a pillow rezzes in just the right spot...and, various poses have items that will rez.. a kitty, a plate of cookies and milkshake, champagne and strawberries. And then there's the animations, and these pics just don't do them justice. There are three menus of cuddle poses in both the couch and the chaise.
As well as a full set of solo poses in each!  You have just got to see these!!  The poses are well done, the props are incredibly detailed  There's nothing Bad about Sweet Romance Furniture... go take a look around the store at all the other great quality pieces and you'll see for yourself!
The pajamas are brand new, literally, just released from E! and they come in a range of colors, the top isn't so unisex, but the bottoms are!  My hair is also a new release from Analog Dog, there are three other styles just released, all absolutely wonderful!  Disclaimer:  The picture on the wall behind the couch is Not part of this set and can be found at ::PopArt:: Furniture for 1L *everything is 1L, in fact*

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  Alyson Med Group Gift - Belleza
Hair:  Baby in Cafe - Analog Dog
Pajamas:  Dot Jammies in Pink - E!

What He's Wearing:
Skin:  Brad in Pale - Redgrave
Hair:  Malik in Ginger - Damselfly
Pajamas:  Dot Jammies in Black - E!
Necklace:  Mjolnir Pendant in Ivory - T R I D E N T
Piercings:  Skull Lip and Brow Set - Pierced Soul
Facial Tat:  The Tribal View - Left.  Medium Tan - Ripped
Tattoos:  Custom made by yours truly :)