Monday, June 28, 2010

Fair(e)y Visits

I've been visited by the clothing fairy... LadyCatherine Fairey, that is... owner of ButterFly EffectZ!!  She has, as she always does, released a ton of new things this past week!  I've got lots of pretty pictures to show you.. from pajamas to jeans, jumpers to dresses... she's got it all!  And its all so cute and fantastically well made!  If you haven't been to her store, you're missing out!  Its that simple!  On to the pics!!

Dottie, high-waisted short shorts, with a cute dotted top with fluttery sleeves and cute flats!

Mornings pajamas, in rich chocolate color, with sculpted socks - guaranteed to make any morning better!

Mr. Testosterone.. with a sentiment we've all thought I'm sure, regarding the male ego and zucchinis.

Super sexy Paris, available in four yummy colors.. with matching boots.  Doesn't get much better!

Super cute, super simple.. amazingly sexy!  That's Sparkles!  (available in four colors)

Skinny jeans and low cut vest... Toni is fun, casual and Hot!

Can I just say, I LOVE these high waisted pants??  Well I do!  Xenia comes complete with boots, too!

Now, who's a naughty schoolgirl?  You can be.. in Xtra Credit.  I bet your professor will find plenty of things for you to do *grins*  (this comes with the shoes too... love it when she does that!)

So there you have it.. all the newness from the past week (or two)   Make sure you go check it out.. and come back often cause LadyCatherine releases stuff allllll the time!  Seriously.  Be good and play pretty, lovelies!!

The Other Stuff:
Skin:  Gina 02 - Tuli (TDR.. but I don't think its available anymore)
Hair:  Cameron in Caramel - Truth
All clothes and shoes:  ButterFly EffectZ

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beads, Bangles, and Flowers... oh my!

If you're looking for pretty jewelry, and cute little things to put in your hair.. I've got just the thing for you!  You have to hop over to Purangi Designs!! I was able to talk to owner, Hibiscus Flossberg, and I'm gonna go ahead and leak this... she has LOTS of things in store for you guys! New sets, special sets.. she's even going to be in the Copley Square Mall for the month of July, look for her Petulia Floral Set at the main landing area!

Beaded Earrings, available in various colors

Lots of bangles.. (and cuffs and necklaces too)

Pretty Daisy Crowns and ColorChange flowers for your hair. 

She has sooo much more amazing stuff.. I know I have several things that i wear ALL the time!  You have to run over and check out her store.. she's also often in the 60L Sunday shindig, so be watching for that too!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Gina 01 - Tuli (TDR)
Hair:  Cameron in Caramel - Truth
Dress:  Sparkles in Red - Butterfly EffectZ
Jewelry and Flowers:  Purangi Designs

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everybody's gone surfin'...

...or maybe its just me.

But, if you haven't, you Should!! And there's no reason not to now with these cute poses from Slash Me Poses.  The set is called /me hangs ten... and they are so well made! You get 5 poses, but the nice thing is, you get two of each pose. One you can rez and sit on if you need to move it around, or, one you can just wear if you're in, say, a photo studio.  Either way, super easy to use.. I didn't have to make any adjustments at all.  And totally cute..or tubular.. or cowabunga and all that!  Just go get 'em and start surfin'!!

I had to do some beach hopping until I found this really nice beach with waves, Monkey Surf Cove. Thinking on it now, surfing between two rocks is probably not the smartest thing to do.. but it sure looks pretty!

And I just couldn't resist this last shot.  Its taken on a different environment setting, but.. eh..kinda reminds me of surfing in the early morning dawn, and then looking back afterwards to admire the rising sun.   

The Goods:
Skin:  Gina 01 - []::Tuli;;[] (for The Dressing Room, so I'm not sure its still available)
Hair:  Leslie in Chocolate/Caramel - Exile (again for TDR, so availability is questionable)
           (and here's the slurl for TDR2, just in case)
Swimsuit:  Moracco in Pink - ButterFly EffectZ
Glasses:  Nash - Solar Eyewear
Poses:  /me hangs ten - Slash Me Poses


Monday, June 7, 2010

Sittin' Pretty at the Beach

Two of the bestest people in all of SL, Milli Santos - of No Strings Attached - and LadyCatherine Fairey - of ButterFly EffectZ, gave me some goodies to show you.  Luckily, and completely by coincidence, they worked together well.

Milli sent me her Five on the Floor poses.. five, cute, fun little poses to play with.. and their exact mirror. So you have no excuse not to get that perfect angle.  LadyCat has been getting into the summertime groove making swimsuits, and she sent me these three adorable suits to show you guys.  Lucky you!! Anywhooo, on to the pics.  I'll post the suits first, just so you're not distracted trying to see them when you look at the pose pics.


Now for the sweet poses from Milli, perfect for lounging on the floor.. or beach.

So there you have it.. beautiful suits... beautiful poses... beautiful paradise (which is my own, so I'll not be sharing a slurl for

All the Stuff:
Skin:  Wild Rose Tan for the Black and Blue Fair - Mango,Mango!
Hair:  Drifter in Browns - Foam (who has I hear, been banned from SL for being underage... sorry)
Suits:  Wild, Frenzy and Sunny Swimsuits -  ButterFly EffectZ
Poses:  Five on the Floor, Umbrella and Posey - NSA