Sunday, February 27, 2011

52: Teal

Yep, late again.  Things have just been insane lately.  I think I may be starting to catch up though.  Something I've found interesting about this whole little project.. hmm, not sure we can call it little with as  many people participating as there are... but, its interesting that what you think of when you see or hear the color choice for the week, isn't always the outfit you come up with as a final product.  Things morph and change.  I started this color with a gown... it was pretty, and I liked it...then I took it off.. and lost it in my mess of an inventory.  Its still there, and I'll find it again, and wear it.. but I had to start over.  Still, even though this isn't what I set out to achieve, I like the results.  Hope you do too!!

I just have to take a quick minute to thank Scar Ayres, for the poses, and the makeup.  Seriously.  Go check out [Scarlia].  Good stuff!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Erika, med - Belleza (group gift)
Makeup:  Cosmetiqs 018 - Scarlia
Hair:  Delora, red pack - Magika
Skirt:  Naive Ruffled Skirt - Sn@tch
Tank:  Intrinsic Tanks, marine blue - Jane
Top:  Flutterings White Overshirt - Magoa
Boots:  Knit Slouch Boots - Baby Monkey
Hat:  The Aretha Hat, teaser teal - A.S.S.
Gloves:  Annie Shirt gloves - LeeZu
Poses:  Off The Wall Collection - Scarlia


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

52: Red

Ok, so I'm late.  Which really sucks cause red is my most favoritest color.  And if you thought black was bad... red was worse.  I have sooo much red.. at least as much as I do of black, if not more.  So I've got all these little looks and thoughts floating around and I wanna do 'em all!!  But, obviously, I ran out of time and barely got one.  I actually did another outfit, but never managed to be still long enough to take pics of it.. so we're going with the first one!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Paris Sunkissed makeup 04 - Clinic (seems to be gone, if you find a slurl, lemme know)
Hair:  Gloria, night - Truth
Dress:  Polka Dots Grandma's Dress - 1950 - Acid & Mala
Jewelry:  Vintage 50's 2 strand pearls - Dark Mouse
Shoes:  Audrey Pump in white - Baby Monkey
Location:  Home Sweet Home (mine)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

52: Black

So you'd think black would be easy, right?  It should be easy.. really.  Cause who doesn't have a ton of black stuff in their inventory??  Yeah but see..that's the problem.  There's sooo much.. makes the choice hard to make.  Not to mention, who can pass up shopping??  Not me.. so.. had to go find something new to clutter up my already disastrous inventory of 70k+... that's ok though, I liked the result.

The Stuff:
Skin:  Spirt, Euphoria, My Valentine - Heartsick
Hair:  Kalista in Crow, Streaked - Truth
Makeup:  DarkEyes 01 - Miamai
Dress:  Apocalypse Dress, Black Torn - ++Randomocity++
Nipple Tape:  Bloodrage - Dark Eden
Boots:  Fairlight Knee High Ballet Boots - Fairlight Industries
Straps:  Vixen Straps, Ruby - ~Sassy~
Piercings:  [N.W] Simple Chest Piercing - Shitz N Giggles
                  Brow Chain - Pierced Soul
                  Simple Studz Silver - Spikez & Studz on Marketplace
Location:  Devil's Moon