Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sales, Prizes and Gifts...oh my!

Wow, its been a week. oops. Sorry about that, but you know how it is...moving, building, shopping.. the list goes on. So as we all know, the weekend brings lots of sales, lots of fun stuff.. like there's not just about every day of the week, right? Anywhooo... first up, the dress is from the Weekend Fever sale and omg, can we say cut down to beyond *there* with a cute skull print on the front and corset lacing on the back!  I'm pretty sure I know someone who's going to love this dress!!  Paired with a prize from the Shoe and Accessory Hunt, hair from Deviant Kitty, who is having a huge sale (20L for a color pack on her older stuff), pretty eyes from [spork] (having a giant going out of business sale, *sadface*), and a couple of group gifties!   whew.. ok... picture.

And next, from the 60L Sunday list is this cute little black lace dress.. teeny tiny short and also cut down to there...are we seeing a theme??  Again, with Deviant Kitties hair (a past freebie), another group skin gift, and necklace from a new store I found this week called Primalot,  reeeaaallly cute stuff... go check it out, and be sure to check the subscribo for past gifts.. there's lots!

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  Fae-Cream-VIP Pink - [Atomic] (group gift, 250L fee)
Hair:  Churtch, pink tips - Deviant Kitties
Eyes:  LookIntoMy Eyes, Ocean-day - [spork] (going out of business sale)
Dress:  GothyKnit/OldPink - :::Line::: (Weekend Fever Sale)
Boots:  Skully Boots - .::Delirium::. (Shoes and Accessories Hunt Prize)
Bag:  Yfke Bag, Midnight - [Pacadi Jashi]

Skin:  Diamond-Copper-Clown - Cupcakes (January group gift 2-join fee is temporarily waived, hurry!)
Hair:  Thirteen in Black - Deviant Kitties (past freebie)
Dress:  Low Lace Minidress - KHUSH (60L Sunday)
Necklace:  Eclipse Rose Heart Necklace - Primalot


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sale Sale Sale.. 8 hours and counting!!

I'm sure most of you have heard by now, there have been lots of blogs covering it, but Azul is having a two day sale! One gown in each style is marked down to half price. They are doing this as a thank you to their customers for helping them win the VAIN, Inc Reader's Choice Award for Best Female Formal Wear. That being said, you need to hurry and join their group, because there is a beautiful dress being given out for only these two days.  Also, Belleza finalllllly released their long awaited Alyson skin.. and it was absolutely worth the wait!  Her fresh face is so cute and sweet!

The dress is called Odette, and can be worn as a beautiful ballgown...

or.. you can wear it slinky and sexy.

But that's not all!  There is another group gift that's been out for a few days at least.  I'm sure you've seen it before in other bloggers' posts, as well as my own previous posts.  Its a gorgeous coat with a fur collar.  I absolutely love it!  Its becoming one of my favorite standbys.. quickly!

What I'm Wearing:
First two pics:
Skin:  Alyson SK Group Gift - Belleza (250L to join the group, but always sooo worth it!)
Hair:  Cora by ETD
Dress:  Odette - Azul (group gift for only a few more hours)

Third pic:
Skin:  Alyson SK Group Gift - Belleza
Hair:  Cameron - Truth
Coat:  Group gift from Azul
Jeans:  Dana 76 Jeans - Decoy (can you tell I love these jeans?)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look.. a Book

Noo... LookBook! I'm just discovering these things so forgive if I'm behind the times, lol. I mean, sure.. I've gotten them in the past and never bothered to look at them.. or maybe those were just catalogs, I dunno. But, a couple days ago, I picked one up and thought I'd finally take a look. And omg, I was so pleasantly surprised! Its like, catalog shopping, xstreet, and the home shopping network all rolled into one! I wasn't aware that you could actualy Buy things from the catalogs.. think of what I've missed! Now, there's no reason to have to go out and fight the lag and the crowds. Just pop on the book and you're set! I may be over the top about these things right now, and if so.. you can ignore me, haha! But I wanted to share this new discovery. So below are just some pics of how it works, for those out there who may not know yet...

Attach the LookBook. It will attach to your Hud, and has a menu to resize, etc.

Once you've found something you wish to purchase, click the buy button above that page (or gift if its for someone else)

You'll get a blue drop down menu asking if you wish to purchase.  Click yes.. a bit of advice:  if you've changed your mind and don't want to buy it, click no.. not ignore.  Ignore makes it reset the menu and that takes a minute or two.  After clicking yes, you'll get the yellow drop down menu asking you to grant it permission to take funds.  Those things always make me nervous, but go ahead and grant permission.

Now, after you've given permission, it will tell you to pay the object.  What object, you may ask.. I know I did.  What happens is, a pay me box is rezzed  above your head.  You may need to move your cam around to see it.  Took me forever to see it, personally.

So, pay the box, and in a couple seconds, you'll have your item.  No fuss, no muss.  I thought it was pretty cool.. and.. perfect for those times you're stuck somewhere, and can't get out to go shopping.. i.e.  weddings, work, anytime you're bored.

Well, that's it from me.  Not much fashion in this post, I realize.  But I was just so impressed with these things I had to share.

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  Allyson sk - Belleza
Hair:   Love, Love, Love in Caramel - Tiny Bird
Jacket:  Group gift from A Z U L
Jeans:  Dana 76 Jeans - [Decoy]
Shoes:  River in Pink - Heart & Sole (shoes and accessories hunt gift)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dance With Me

Who doesn't love dancing right?  Held tight in your honey's arms, soft words whispered against your ear, the gentle stroke of his fingers down your spine... *dreamy sigh*  Makes me wanna hop over to one of my favorite ballrooms, Bubbly, and dance the night away.  So, I found a couple dresses to do just that in! Both are group gifties, so that makes them even better.

 This first dress came from {Meghindo's} who incidentally has re-opened.  This dress is a group gift.  The skirt comes with two versions, regular and big ass, just means the skirt is poofier and is the one I'm wearing in the picture.

This dress is from **Trubble** and was also a group gift.  It made me feel like being somewhere warm and sunny, especially after all the cold weather we've had, so I hunted down a ballroom that had a tropical feel to it, Romantic Sunset Ballroom.

Now get out there and dance!!

What I'm Wearing:
First Pic
Skin:  Devon in Crease - GLANCE SKINS
Hair:  Sophia in Black - ETD
Dress:  Vintage Autumn - {Meghindo's}
Jewelry:  Gold Atom Earrings *with colorchange stone* and Gold Butterfly Necklace - Purple Rose

Second Pic
Skin: Daydream-Cameo-Darkness - *Cupcakes
Hair:  Hello in Cedar - Analog Dog
Dress:  Lillian - **Trubble**
Jewelry:  Tahta Necklace in Black - [}Jasha{]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Easy like Sunday Morning

Good morning! errr...afternoon.. whatever... Just a quick post, cause I slept too late, as usual.  And I'm still sleepy... so here we go!

This outfit just kinda fell together.  The top is E!'s pick reward gift this month, so if you've not got her in your picks, pop over and add her and come back in 24-48 hours and its yours!  simple as that.  Next, [Decoy] is having a sale! Til March!  These jeans were even more on sale as they are a special color, but the sign said for only three days so you better hurry.  The boots are from [Decoy] as well, from a previous sale, and I love them.  And finally... my pashmina.  I love love love it.  Possibly because I have one in real life that I absolutely adore.  Its so warm, and soft.. I just love wrapping up and snuggling in it.  Feels just like being wrapped in someone's arms (to me anyway).  Its never far from me... ever.  So when I saw it at Zaara's.. I just Had to have it.

For the next pic, I got all nice and toasty on a cold Sunday, in this jacket from Pididdle, on sale in store for 1L!  Brown for some reason, always makes me feel "earthy" so I added brown suede boots from Rebel Hope, and the pants are from Digit Darkes (from a long time ago, no idea if they still have them out).

So there ya go on a lazy Sunday.  Hope everyone is having a great day!  Don't forget to play pretty and be nice to each other!  Mwah!!

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  Belle sk Cotton Candy and Wine - Belleza
Hair:  Presley in Ginger - Damselfly
Top:  Berry Sweater in Black - E! (pick reward)
Jeans:  Dana 76 Jeans in Medium - [Decoy]
Boots: Jully Boots in Onyx - [Decoy]
Accessories:  Pashmina Shawl in berry blue - {Zaara}

Skin:  Belle sk Smokey Mocha - Belleza
Hair:  Noel - Analog Dog
Top:  Em Blazer in Brown - Pididdle (on sale for 1L)
Pants:  *AD* Graphe Pants in Brown - Digit Darkes
Boots:  Milan Suede Scrunch Boots in Brown - !Rebel HopePhotobucket

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's all coming back to me now...

As I'm sure most of you know, now.. Sophia Harlow issued a nice little challenge for us bloggers. To post a picture of what you looked like as a newbie - God, help us all - and how you look now. At first I thought, no, cause you know, that's some scary stuff. And I wasn't completely sure I still had anything from then. But, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I'm a pack-rat and have Everything! (I have been making some headway on cleaning out the inventory though, yay me!) So, anyway.. I did it. Don't be frightened.. too much!

The only thing I can tell you about the 2007 pic is that the hair is Billie from Bewitched (bling included), which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist anymore (they combined with House of Hair and have since rebranded to Hairy Situations)  The rest came from some freebie place or resell place at the very least.  And my shape, omg, was barely bigger than a child. 

What I'm Wearing in the 2010 pic:
Skin:  Belle sk smokey rubies - Belleza
Hair:  Presley in Ginger - Damselfly
Dress:  Martini Dress - >Truth< (group gift)
Shoes:  Ribbon Slingback Shoes - *G Field*


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gitchi Gitchi yaya, da da

And that means.. well we won't go into what that means. But that song makes me think of Moulin Rouge, probably more than anything else. And... the Designers United 3 (which ends tonight) event has a vaudeville them. I'm not sure if cabaret acts count as vaudeville or not, but that's definitely what these outfits I grabbed made me feel. Not to mention the wonderful time SL afforded me, crashing every few minutes, while I searched for a really great place to take the pics, but I was victorious! I managed to relog enough to get these pics finally taken at Corset and Cigars Lounge. If you have a chance, you should go and check it out. It wasn't busy, (I suppose it was an "off time") but the feel of the place really screamed Cabaret to me. So.. I'ma shut up now and show you the pictures.

I don't know why, but this shot just says, in a low sultry voice of course, "Play it again, Sam"  and yeah I know, it wasn't a chic's line.. or even a real line from the movie, but still.

Another shot of Corsets and Cigars Lounge.  I took advantage of the place being empty and did a lil dance on the chair there.

And the last pic, in front of the piano at the same lounge.  Too bad it wasn't animated so I could crawl on it and stuff, that would've been cool.  Now, on to the details!

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  Elf in Petal (Dark) - Curio *Christmas Group Gift*
Shoes:  Amour Heels in Black - [ATOMIC]

Pic 1
Dress:  Courtesan in Red - [Plastik] (for Designers Unlimited 3)
Hair:  Charley in Chestnut - ETD

Pic 2
Dress:  La Biche Corset Dress - Dollita (for Designers Unlimited 3)
Hair:  Gamma in Sepia - Analog Dog (free)

Pic 3
Dress:  The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery in Red - ::Split Pea:: (for Designers Unlimited 3)
Hair:  Myrna in Noir - Ingenue::


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All That Glitters...

...isn't necessarily gold.  But sometimes it is!  Like this cute little dress from **Butterfly EffectZ**  Having spoken with the designer personally, I know this gem is still on sale in her store for half off.  Better hurry over!  Watch out for the butterflies upon landing! 

As a special note, and since you probably can't see it in the first picture, I wanted to draw attention to the necklace I'm wearing.  Designed by Kamilah Nemeth, this E.L.F. Necklace is just so cute!  The delicate, irregular-sitting chain just makes it that much more real looking, and the tiny flower.. so adorable.  She's left it mod, so you can change the actual coloring of the word if you wish.  Its not in a store currently, but I'm sure if you contact Kamilah, she'll be happy to arrange something with you.

Now, I know this isn't gold.. but I'm sure you'll still shine when you wear it for your loved one!!  Again, by the fabulous designer of **Butterfly EffectZ** as an in-store dollarbie gift... don't miss it!!  Paired with the long, barely tied back curls of Ash from Analog Dog, completes the sultry, "come to bed" look.

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  Alyson SK - Belleza (Christmas Group Gift, 250L to join)
Hair:  Ash in Brunette - Analog Dog (latest release)
Dress:  I Am Golden Dress - **Butterfly EffectZ** (half off)
Lingerie:  Silver Nights Lingerie - **Butterfly EffectZ** (dollarbie)
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Gold - Maitreya 
Shoes:  Amour Heels in Black - [ATOMIC]
Pose 1:  Free*Style
Pose 2:  *Elisa* Pose Chair gold

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Blue...

No, not the sad kinda blue... the color!  Ok, so I've discovered that blogging is a lot of work and very time consuming.. but its so much fun!! These are just a couple things I've picked up in the last couple days and loved so much I just had to share! On to the pics!

What I'm Wearing:
Skin:  New Year Tan - Plastic Flower (New Years gift in store, 25L for tan and pale versions)
Hair:  Rina(Side) in Gold - Junwave
Eyelashes:  SEDUCTRESS - [LeLutka]
Dress:  Nerdieh - Luck Inc (50L Friday)
Shoes:  Stubbers - HOC (the shoes are color change, I'm using Ice, but Citrus would work too if you wanted to go with the green)
Necklace: [}Jasha{] Tahta Necklace (White Gold) - PACADI JASHA
Bracelets:  Thin Gold Bracelets - [glow] (in store gift)
Pose: Glamour 2 - *Elisa* (HUUUGE sale going on right now, hurry!)

I don't know if I was going for a theme here or what.. I think I just fell in love with this color!  But I had to have this beautiful dress.. and once I had it, I had to show you!

What I'm Wearing:
Skin, Hair, and Eyelashes are the same as above
Dress:  Melusine in Seafoam - Evie's Closet (on sale for 50L!  But I think today is the last day, so hurry!)
Shoes:  Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Turquoise - Maitreya (subsribo gift for a loooong time now)
Necklace:  Rainbow Mystic Topaz Pendant - Earthsong Creations (I couldn't find a store location as I've had the piece for a while.. hope its still out there)
Pose:  Casual 2 - *Elisa* (again.. sale.. go!)

That's it for me.. gotta get back to running all over the grid!  Thanks for stopping by and hanging in there with me.  I'll get better at this, I promise!  *Mwah!*


Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year.. new blog

So, I've decided to dip my lil toe into the great big pool of the SL blogging community. Bear with me, as this is all Brand Spanking New to me! No idea yet, really, what I'll blog about. But, as its a new year, I feel new things and lots of changes in the air. We'll see how that all pans out, I suppose as we go along.

First order of business... How did YOU spend new years eve? I ran around the grid, snatching up last minute deals, stylin' in my 2010 tiara from noir*lily and adorable 2010 charm shoes from !SSUS! Add to that the gorgeous dress from DCNY and the New Years goodies from Virtual Insanity, and I was set!

And now that I'm all dressed what else is there to do but party!! Including dancing in a champagne glass, and a trip to watch the ball drop at midnight. I think there was even a Linden or two there... and the colors were oh so pretty!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Alyson SK - Belleza(Christmas group gift, 250L to join, but so worth it)
Hair: Leona in Amber - Novocaine Hair
Dress: Gloria in Ice Blue - DCNY (2010 New Year's dollarbie)
Tiara: Happy New Year 2010 Tiara - noir*lily (subscribo)
Jewelry: Happy Friggin New Years earrings and Dirty Crazy NY choker (also included lip peircings, 2010 glasses, and snowflake pasties) - Virtual Insanity in store gift
Shoes: Limited Edition 2010 Charm Silver Pumps - !SSUS!
Props: Sine Wave Champagne Dance - Sine Wave and Happy 2010 from Nickee - Just in the Nick of Time