Monday, May 30, 2011

52: Neon Carrot

What?  Neon Carrot?  Seriously??  That's the first thing I thought when I saw this color selection.. But..I think I pulled it off pretty ok! LOL

Well, for some reason, Blogger won't let me add photos the way I've been doing it for over a year.  I've tried for a few days, thinking it was a server issue, to no avail.  Finally got it from an album on Picasa.. ugh.

PS.  If any of you have any ideas why or how to fix this issue... please, please, please let me know!

The Stuff:
Skin: Oestra, Reverie - Heartsick
Makeup:  Orange Stripe Lips - la petite mort (which seems to no longer exist)
Hair:  Cleo, Orange - Truth
Top:  Soft Gems Orange Tank - Aqua (closed)
Pants:  Soft Gems Orange Capris - Aqua (closed)
Butterfly:  Tiny Butterfly gold/orange - Sanu


Sunday, May 22, 2011

52: Pink

Oh I went so many ways with this color!  It was crazy and took hours to decide.. I went from Princess to Kitty.. to School Girl-ish..  to finally... a Dollie!!  And I finally got to use some pretty nifty little things I've had sitting in my inventory for a while.  Most of these items are old, so I'm not sure they're even still available.  And the Marionette strings were for a special event, so they may not be available at all.. but I linked everything anyway!

The Stuff:
Skin:  LeCirque, Apple, Pale - AtomicBambie
Hair:  Jersey, Champagne - Truth
Dress:  Rina Dress, pink - Katat0nik
Shoes:  Kate Bow Strap Shoes, black - G Field
Doll Key:  Dollie Doll Key - Violet Voltaire
Marionette Strings and Pose:  MELT Marionette - Surf Couture
Doll Joints:  Doll Joints Overlay, light - PixelDolls


Monday, May 16, 2011

52: Olive

Woot! I'm on a role!! Two posts in one day... and almost caught up!  Go me!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Ember Spring Baby - Pink Fuel
Hair:  Stargaze, Butterfinger - lamb
Top:  Arggghhh Sweater, green - Sn@tch
Pants:  Anarchy Elf Cut Jeans, green - Sn@tch
Boots:  SoHo Boots PatentMix - Maitreya (gift)


Sunday, May 15, 2011

52: Tangerine

Late again.. and not a fan of orange so this is as close as its gonna get... and I compensated with the environment settings. Tangerine sky counts, right?

The Stuff:
Skin:  My Valentine, Spirt Euphoria  - Heartsick
Hair:  The Drifter, Brown B - FOAM
Top:  Boho Mini Top, Orange/Red - Acid & Mala (Culture Shock)
Skirt:  Boho Long Skirt, Orange/Red - Acid & Mala (Culture Shock)
Tattoo:  CherryBlossom Tattoo - GrungeInk

Monday, May 2, 2011

52: Periwinkle

It seems like all I'm doing these days is playing catch up.  Not sure how that happens.. but oh well.  Here's my periwinkle.. which worked out because I've been looking for a reason to wear those boots forever!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Spirit Rapture Violet Delight - Heartsick
Makeup:  Darkeyes 04 - Miamai
Hair:  Delora, brown pack - Magicka
Dress:  Mara Numb - Miamai (RFL gift)
Boots:  Short Lace Up Boots in Lavender - G Field