Monday, January 16, 2012

52.2: Electric Indigo

Yay, two posts in one night!!

In doing Luna's challenge, you never know what color you're gonna get for the next week.  But wow, three weeks in and we've started the crazy electric colors already?!  I'm not complaining mind, I think they're fun colors... even if they are hard sometimes.  That's the challenge, right?

The Stuff:
Skin:  Maddy, Bohemiene Milk - Al Vulo
Hair:  Chisato, Topaz - D!va
Outfit:  January Group Gift- Glitterati


Sunday, January 15, 2012

52.2: Coral

Ok so this hasn't gotten off to a good start, lol.  But I'm only technically a day late!

This is a great color!  Coral always makes me think of tropical beaches, so this swimsuit with a flirty little skirt seemed perfect.  Also, its a group gift  from Glitterati - the group isn't free to join, but there are tons of gifts that are just waiting to be picked up.. so.. expect to see lots more posts with items from Glitterati in them!!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Lily Sk - Belleza (Xmas gift)
Hair:  Ricci Quince - Truth
Outfit:  November Group Gift - Glitterati


Monday, January 2, 2012

52.2 Champagne

O.M.G!! I know its been forevah since I've posted.  Sorry bout, man, it gets in the way!

For those of you don't know, Luna Jubilee has started up her 52 Color Challenge again for this year... Part Deux, if you will.  Basically, she gives us a color every week and we create a look based around said color.  Its pretty fun, and quite often more challenging than you'd think.  Also, you learn to like a lot of colors you never really cared for before.  I know I did.  So, after failing to complete the 52 weeks last year, by about three weeks, I've decided to give it a go again.  I promise to try to post things on time this go around...  (notice I said TRY, lol)

This weeks color is Champagne.  Fitting for bringing in a new year, I think.  And judging by my pics.. I may have had a little too much fun for New Year's!  Nah.. too much fun isn't possible!

And just in case I didn't get the right color... my necklace takes care of the champagne requirement!

Shew... after all this partying.... I'm tired!

The Stuff:
Skin:  Lily, Pale, Xmas Gift - Belleza (group gift)
Makeup:  Eyeshadow Golden - LpD (group gift)
Hair:  Marie, Type A, Red Amber - D!va (group gift)
Dress:  Mystical Mini Dress, Champagne - Klam
Necklace:  Happy New Year 2012 - Just You Jewels
Earrings:  Caged Pearls - Evica
Headband:  2012 Headband - Marketplace


Monday, November 28, 2011

Free is the Best Price!

And everything I'm wearing in this pic, fits the bill!  Love it when that happens!!  The creators in sl really amaze sometimes with their generosity.  All the items below are either hunt gifts or group gifts, and they are gorgeous!

This pic was taken at the Magic of Christmas, Winter Holiday Village.  Its an amazing sim that has just about everything for your winter/christmas/whatever you choose to call it needs.

p.s. if you look closely, you may find a Dingy TwinkleToes, an elf, in the background!

The Stuff:
Skin: Giulia, Malice - Al Vulo (Diamond is Mind Hunt gift)
Hair:  Ladonna, nutmeg - Analog Dog (store freebie)
Top:  Note Shirt Blue - Echo (Group Gift)
Pants:  Autumn Trousers - 22769 (Group Gift)
Shoes:  Rosette, brown - GField (past welcome gift)


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diamonds and Butterflies

OMG I know... its been a minute since I've posted.  Real life, man.. always rearing its head.  Occasionally in a good has been the case.

So, on one of my now less frequent evenings in SL, my good friend LadyCatherine Fairey, sent me two very beautiful preview items.  And I have to say, she never disappoints!  And she always gives me things in red cause she knows its my fav!  Gotta love that!!

Anyway, the dress - which is gorgeous and makes ya feel just a little princessy, in a modern way - is in the Diamond is Mine hunt, which starts tomorrow at midnight.  Her store, Butterfly Effects, is a sponsor for the hunt and her prize is #18.  So you need to run off and find it!  Oh!  Not to mention she's redone the sim, so be sure to explore.

The boots are a new release, and will be in the store on Friday.  They are available in 6 colors and have a very easy to use menu for resizing... and matched the dress perfectly!

The Stuff:

Skin: Jessica, Tan, Ocean Red - AMD
Dress:  Classy Red - BE (hunt gift)
Boots:  Strapped & Ready - BE
Hair:  Ricci, sangria - Truth
Jewelry:  Butterfly Necklace - Twisted and Spoiled