Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diamonds and Butterflies

OMG I know... its been a minute since I've posted.  Real life, man.. always rearing its head.  Occasionally in a good has been the case.

So, on one of my now less frequent evenings in SL, my good friend LadyCatherine Fairey, sent me two very beautiful preview items.  And I have to say, she never disappoints!  And she always gives me things in red cause she knows its my fav!  Gotta love that!!

Anyway, the dress - which is gorgeous and makes ya feel just a little princessy, in a modern way - is in the Diamond is Mine hunt, which starts tomorrow at midnight.  Her store, Butterfly Effects, is a sponsor for the hunt and her prize is #18.  So you need to run off and find it!  Oh!  Not to mention she's redone the sim, so be sure to explore.

The boots are a new release, and will be in the store on Friday.  They are available in 6 colors and have a very easy to use menu for resizing... and matched the dress perfectly!

The Stuff:

Skin: Jessica, Tan, Ocean Red - AMD
Dress:  Classy Red - BE (hunt gift)
Boots:  Strapped & Ready - BE
Hair:  Ricci, sangria - Truth
Jewelry:  Butterfly Necklace - Twisted and Spoiled


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